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My Very First LiveJournal Entry

Why would I think that I have anything to say that anyone else might be interested in?  I'm not sure I do.  But to assume that I am so unique that NO ONE in the entire LiveJournal world might relate to what I have to say, is equally arrogant.  So here goes.

I am a single mom with four kids.  Three girls (13, 15, and 17), and a boy (11).  I know what you're thinking.  But it's not that bad.  My kids live with me 24/7/50 (they go to California to see their dad one or two weeks in the summer.  When I got divorced ten years ago, I knew that I wasn't going to get the 'every other weekend' type of deal.  He just was never that helpful, you know.  And he never like being a dad, except for bragging rights, and telling people about his kids so they'd think he was a nice guy.  But the 'doing' part of dad-hood was, and still is, not his thing. 

When I look back to those earlier years, I realize that I was this far away from going crazy.  But I was just too busy for a breakdown!  The tasks involved in simply getting the kids off to school every day were a bit overwhelming.  There was one year they went to four different schools.   I ran my own catering company.  The kids had soccer practice most afternoons, and there were four different soccer games  (usually at four different parks) every Saturday during the outdoor season.

I helped with homework, packed lunches, did laundry, took care of the house, bandaged scraped knees, taught bicycle riding, bought birthday gifts, hid Easter eggs, decorated Christmas trees, bought clothes and shoes, went to school events and teacher conferences, made dinner, made sure everyone bathed and brushed their teeth, read to them, taught them, loved them.  Occasionally we would do something really fun - like drive to the beach for the day, or go camping (which was fun for the kids, work for me), or go hiking.  But I never had any 'me' time.  Things went along pretty smoothly most of the time.  Until one of the kids would come home with head lice and I had to launder every bed sheet and pillow in the house, shampoo all the kids, spray the furniture and car, and bag up all the stuffed animals.  Or when my son got pneumonia (He had a fever of over 100 for four days before I thought to take him to the doctor - not because I was uncaring, I was too busy to think straight).  Or the car would break down (one year I used all my AAA tows - but the next year the car ran beautifully).

I used to fantasize about meeting a great guy who would fall in love with me and the kids, and want to marry me and help me and love me and the kids, and be a friend and a parent (and not necessarily in that order).  But the reality is that rational men are not interested in women with four kids.  And besides,I didn't even have time to look!  I didn't have time for anyone else in my life - for the meeting, dating, getting to know each other, falling in love.

Things are quite different now.  The kids are older.  They are self-reliant.  They pretty much manage their own lives, with a little guidance (and chauffeuring and money) from me..   I still get no help from their dad, but  that means I get to take all the credit for how great the kids have turned out.  My oldest daughter  is an A student and athlete, and just sent in the last of her college applications.  My second daughter is a very sweet girl who is an artist and dyes her hair pink and loves to bake.  My third daughter is a dancer and a painter.  My son is a computer geek and brainy and is a very nice boy.   I have time for me, and for pursuing the things I like - like cycling, gardening, reading, spending time with friends  Last weekend I even went snowboarding for the first time!  Rational men are still not interested in women with four kids, but at least I have time to look!

Now I have time for a life of my own...


Heh. "Rational" and "men" in the same sentence. Twice. You funny!

Great inaugural blog post! And I agree, you have very cool kids, and you can take all the credit.
hi emeraldsedai's sister!


welcome to the awesomeness of lj!

Edited at 2008-01-04 05:41 pm (UTC)
Thanks! I'll be on a learning curve for awhile, I'm sure!
People here are very helpful. vampirefan is one of my favorite LJ people! (A lot of my friendslist originated in the Firefly fandom days--Browncoats are the best folks.)
*waves hi*
Thanks for the waves. I'll be looking forward to checking in!
Hey, Eli! *waves*

What does your icon mean? Something about subjugating the flour?
Hellllooooo there! (You know me from a little thing called "FAN" :) emeraldsedai helpfully pointed me in this direction and I'm so excited to see you on LJ! Looking forward to reading more great posts like this one...welcome!
Welcome to LJ!

Hi Back!

Thanks for the welcome. I am neither as witty or as erudite as my sister. That fact has kept me from posting for many moons. But now I'm ok with it.
I'll look forward to hearing from you!
Wow! Yay, friends!

skripka, emungere, gatezilla, and serenity_valley are all Firefly and Joss Whedon folks from my list.

What you do is, you look around each one of their journals (by clicking on their names) or look at their profiles (by clicking on their heads), and get to know 'em a bit.

You can look at their friends' journals, too. The wit, wisdom, angst and insight around here are formidabile (is that a word in Italian?)
Welcome! Welcome!

A daughter applying for colleges...has it been that long since we all sat in the same room?
I don't know all the in's and out's but you run a pretty tight ship and that's commendable.
Oh, and I'll be working just down the street from you starting Monday. That's if you are where you were.
I'm sure you'll like it on LJ!
I am where I was if you are referring to home. I amn't where I was if you are referring to work. Where will you be working? We will want to visit and eat, wherever it is!

Yes, it has been a few years! And yes, Lillian has applied to: USC, Chapman, Yale, U of O, Brown, Middlebury, and Scripps (one of the Claremont Colleges). So you can see she is highly motivated (and a much better grammarian than I). It is fortunate that I made virtually NO money this year, so, along with her outstanding academic accomplishments and her athletics, she should be good for a full ride.

Good to hear from you, and thanks for the welcome!

Glad to hear of the full ride potential!! Damn, that's gotta take a load off. So exciting for her, too, I'm sure.

The new job includes a chef instructor position at Oregon Culinary Institute (two? doors down from KGW) and occasional consumer classes on the weekends. I'm ready for the more normal schedule more job-related benefits than I've ever had.

What are you doing now?
I am not at KGW, but I am going to see about returning there. I am doing a totally different kind of work - deconstruction (taking apart houses and buildings for material re-use).
your new work sounds exciting, challenging and well-suited. Benefits are always a good thing, too.
Welcome to LJ! It's great to "see" you here. I'm another old fellow FAN alumn and look forward to keeping up with tales of your adventures and of the kids' adventures.
Thanks for the welcome!
Thanks for the welcome!
Welcome to the wild and wacky world that is LJ!